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Parent Questionnaire - Online Communication

Following the launch of our new website we are looking ahead to see how we could improve our online communication.

1) Have you visited the website in the last:*
2) How frequently do you visit our website:*
3) Has your child visited the website in the last:*
4) Do you/Would you access the website via:*
5) If you have visited the website where did you visit:
6) Did you locate the information that you were looking for?
9) We are hoping to provide all newsletters via the website to allow us to spend the money from paper elsewhere in your child’s education. Please indicate whether you would be able to receive the letters in this format:*
Please indicate which year group your child/children are in*

Please type the letters and numbers displayed in the image into the textbox below to verify you wish to send this response. If you have difficulties reading the letters in the image below you can try a different image by clicking on it.

Verification Image