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Fundraising for 'The Sick Children's Fund'

We have been thrilled to support Daisy in her fundraising for 'The Sick Children's Fund' and 'The Children's Heart Unit Fund'.  Read on to find out more...

We have been very proud to support Daisy who has been raising money for the wonderful charities who have supported her brother and her family to give Thomas a new heart.

On Saturday 9th September Daisy ran the Junior North Run to raise money for the SCT and also The Children’s Heart Unit Fund. CHUF provides special life saving equipment for the children with poorly hearts  and the specialists needed to provide the care they need.  When Thomas was in hospital Daisy and her family were able to stay in a flat called Scott House, funded by The Sick Children’s Trust Charity which was right next to the hospital. Without this charity they would not have been able to be near to her little brother when he was so poorly.

On Friday 15th September we all came to school in our sports wear and invited the children to make a donation to Daisy's charities.  At dinnertime the Key Stage 2 children embarked upon their own walk (with some of the children aiming to match the 1.5 km that Daisy ran in Newcastle).  After school Daisy's family and friends sold cakes to all of the parents and children. 

We would like to say thank you to all of our school community for supporting our events, especially for braving the downpour at the end of the day.

As a school we have managed to raise £241.80 to add to Daisy's total.