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Dove Valley Athletics

On Tuesday 4th of July a group of boys and girls in ks2 took place in the Dove Valley Athletics.

Everyone had finally arrived, it was time for the first race, the girls had taken their mark. Kacie was in heat 1 unfortunately she came 4 place. Next was Amelia, then Lizzie it became very close but we didn’t win. 

After that race, the boys were up to race, Harry, Will and Lucas all took part. Unfortunately Lucas came forth, Will came forth but luckily Harry came first and went ahead onto the finals. Then the sack race was took part by Cerys, Maddie and Agnus. We had a strong start by Agnus who came in first place then onto the finals. 

After 30 minutes Richard Wakefield had a great success of people moving into the finals of their races: the girls relay, 60 70 and 80 meters from both the girls and boys. Evie Fleeman won the 60 meters and received her medal. The year 4, 5 girls came 3rd in the relay (Agnus, Millie, Isla, and Amelia). In addition, the year 6 girls won their relay (Lauren, Mollie, Kacie and Katie) they all received a second place medal.

All from the reporters Harry, Lucas and Katie