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Meet the teacher

In place of our normal 'Meet the Teacher' meetings, we are holding quick drop in opportunities and an information presentation.

During the first 3 weeks of school, what seems like many years ago now, we have previously held meet the teacher afternoons where parents could come into the classrooms alongside their children.  Even though restrictions have been relaxed we are still very aware of the number of positive cases in our local area and the pressures on adults for booking time away from work. 

This year we are offering a blended approach to parents as we approach our 'back to normal'.  

Below you will find a copy of the presentation for this year, please have a read through.  All the information contained in it is always available on our website, but for ease, we have combined the key messages into one place.  

If you would like to pop in to say hello to the adults in your child's class then please drop in on the following days.  If this is not possible there will be further opportunities as the term progresses.  The staff photographs are available on the class pages for ease. The visits will just be from 3.20 - 3.40pm.  If you need to visit more than one classroom you are welcome to move between the two.  

Face masks are optional, you may find many of our staff do wear them, please don't be offended.

Drop in sessions:

Thursday 23rd Sep Friday 24th Sep Tuesday 28th Sep
Reception Mrs Mulligan Year 1/2 Miss Brook Year 2 Mrs Wiles and Mrs Parakath
Year 1 Miss Gibson Year 3/4 Mrs Waterall Year 5 Miss Bussey and Mrs Bramley
Year 3 Miss Siner Year 6 Mr Fisher  
Year 4 Mr Ord