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Competition time!

Find out more about how you can enter 'The de Ferrers Trust Values Art Competition' and be in with the chance to £50 in Amazon e-vouchers!

When people start to work in schools across The de Ferrers Trust, we give them some information about what it is like working here. We call them our Trust Values. You will know about these values of ‘Work hard, be kind, choose wisely’, but we like to tell the staff too.
The Human Resource team, the people who deal with recruiting the staff, is re-designing the information we give out and would like your help. We want you to produce a piece of artwork that shows what The de Ferrers Trust Values mean to you. We will include the winning entry and runners up in the information packs that we give out.

What do we win?
First prize will be a £50 Amazon e-voucher. The two runners up will receive a £25 Amazon e-voucher each.
To enter you should:
• Make sure the artwork fits in the box on the next page
• Include some or all of the values of ‘work hard, be kind, choose wisely’. You decide what these
mean to you.

We know you might not have lots of art materials at home with you so just use what you have got. A pencil
or pen is fine.
Email your entry to by Thursday 30 April 2020. You might need to take a photo
of your entry or ask a parent/carer to do that for you. If you can’t email this, please send it to your school
for them to email on your behalf.

Open the file below for your entry form / template

Good luck!