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WB: 4.5.20 Home learning update

Please read on for some changes this week.

We are now entering our fifth week of home learning!  

Hopefully you have settling into new home learning routines.  Remember to stick to the routine that works best for you and your child, please do not compare yourself to others.

In Key stage 1 and 2 we will not be adding activities to Education City as we have used almost all the tablet friendly activities that they provide. Therefore, we will be using BBC Bitesize for English and we will continue to use White Rose for maths.

EYFS will continue as normal for now.

Your child is very welcome to use Education City for any games they may enjoy or any skills that they would like to continue to develop.

Regular reading, maths and writing would be great.  The teachers are checking the online reading via bug club and will be regularly responding to the children's written answers.

We are continuing to add to the home learning page so keep checking there for new ideas or sites to visit.

If you have any questions please use the email below or ring the school between 9am and 3.30pm

Please send us any photos of what your child has been doing at home, this may be the work we are setting or your own home projects.  We love to see what they have been up to, we have loved the messages and pictures that we have received so far.