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Shropshire health chiefs urge people to 'be kind' during Mental ...

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and this year the focus is kindness. During these uncertain times it is important to remember that one kind act, no matter how big or small, can make someone else’s day that little bit better and more manageable. This also links to our Academy values of working hard, being kind and choosing wisely. Showing kindness does not just help others but it will boost your mood and make you happier too. With this in mind, we will send a kindness task out for each day of the week. These are not compulsory but are there should you wish to take part in supporting Mental Health Week.

Friday: Tell a joke, watch a silly video or do something that makes you and others laugh!



National Numeracy Day logo

National Numeracy day is all about recognising that numbers play a big part in our everyday lives and a chance to build children’s confidence when working with numbers. This year the event takes place on Wednesday 13th May. As part of National Numeracy Day we are inviting children to take part in a ‘Maths Everywhere’ competition to promote an enjoyment of maths and to show that maths learning doesn’t just take place in the classroom.

To enter the competition we would like you to send in a picture of your child doing an activity that involves using maths in their everyday life. Some examples of this include:

  • Whilst out for a walk look for numbers that help us such as door numbers, speed limit signs and number plates. Look for patterns in the numbers such as spotting odd and evens or multiples.
  • Play a board game that involves using a dice or moving a number of spaces.
  • Count money to pay for items. This could be done with online shopping. Children could estimate the total cost or work out what the change would be if the total was paid with cash.
  • Bake or cook something together. Measure the ingredients and cut cakes into fractions.

These are only a few examples of activities children could do and any other creative ideas are welcomed – you may be surprised at how much numbers play a part in our everyday lives! There is an additional set of ideas in the documents below.  Please send your entries to the school curriculum support email address: by Friday 22nd May.

There will be prizes for the most imaginative ideas.

If you would like any more information about National Numeracy Day please visit


Bridge the Gap

During these uncertain times we understand that some children may be finding it difficult to understand and deal with their emotions and worries. Bridge the Gap, Children's Mental Health Ltd is a website that may be able to help. They have a story regarding the Coronavirus for children and a variety of resources such as emotional literacy and online webinars that could support you and your child.