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 Policies are listed in alphabetical order below. Please click on a policy to view it. 

 Paper copies of these policies can be obtained upon request.

  1. Download: Anti-Bullying Policy Jan 2020.pdf
  2. Download: Anti-Bullying policy -Child Friendly updated by PLT School council Jan 2020.pdf
  3. Download: Attendance Policy October 2019.pdf
  4. Download: Behaviour policy Dec 2019.pdf
  5. Download: Charging and Remissions Policy v.2017.pdf
  6. Download: Collective worship policy reviewed 28 01 2016.pdf
  7. Download: Complaints Procedure 2019.pdf
  8. Download: Control of Infections Policy September 2020.pdf
  9. Download: Data Protection Policy March 2019.pdf
  10. Download: Equality Ojective Statement.pdf
  11. Download: Equality Policy .pdf
  12. Download: Exclusion Policy Feb 2020.pdf
  13. Download: FOI Policy and Publication Scheme March 19.pdf
  14. Download: Health and Safety Policy.pdf
  15. Download: Gifts & Hospitality.pdf
  16. Download: Medical Conditions Policy (Primary Phase).pdf
  17. Download: Privacy Notice - Covid 19 Track and Trace.pdf
  18. Download: Privacy Notice General Community.pdf
  19. Download: Privacy Notice - Governors and Trustees.pdf
  20. Download: Privacy Notice - Student.pdf
  21. Download: Privacy Notice - Trust Workforce.pdf
  22. Download: Records Retention Policy.pdf
  23. Download: Religious Education Policy Jan 2016.pdf
  24. Download: Trust Safeguarding Policy 2020-21.pdf
  25. Download: Safeguarding annex at Richard Wakefield CE Primary).pdf
  26. Download: UPDATED RWA Covid 19 safeguarding addendum April 20.pdf
  27. Download: Scheme of Delegation (March 19).pdf
  28. Download: SEN policy 2019.pdf
  29. Download: SEND INFO REPORT ANNEX RWA.pdf
  30. Download: Subject Access Request - Process and Protocol.pdf
  31. Download: Subject Access Request Form.pdf
  32. Download: Young Carers Policy.pdf
  33. Download: DfE Free School Meals Voucher Service Privacy Notice.pdf
  34. Download: Whistleblowing-Policy March 2018.pdf
  35. Download: Risk Assessment updated RWA Sept 2020.pdf