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Reception home learning

During the time that your child may be away from school we will keep this page updated with learning activities for you and your child at home.  These activities will reflect the same objectives that will be delivered to the children attending school.

If you or your child would like any further activities then you can use the link on our useful websites and home learning page here.

If you need any help with passwords or access then please email us on:

We will endeavour to try to help and try to respond as soon as possible.  Please appreciate that we may not be able to help with all issues remotely.  

Week beginning 1st June 2020

Bridge the Gap website  

Emotional Literacy support website 


Phonics (15-20 mins per day)

Revise Phase 3 phonics

Phase 4 phonics - CCC words (like strong) and longer two syllable words.  

Learn and practise these by ...

Espresso, in the Literacy section Kim’s Phonics Phase 4, watch the words beginning ccc and long words videos and complete the associated blending, reading and spelling activities. 

High frequency words are words where the children can build their fluency to recognise common words by sight.  Practise reading the, and, a, to, said, in, he, I, of, it, was, you, they, on, she, is, for, at, his, but, that, with, all, we, can. You can make flashcards for these words; there are plenty free ones to download, or you could make your own. 

In addition, alternate between reading and writing activities using ccc words and the high frequency words; children could design their own word hunt game, spot them in reading books and include these words in their own sentences.


Phonics Play- 

Phonics Bloom- 

Phase 4 and other Phase 3 games. 


Phase 5 phonics- we are continuing to meet new graphemes for phonemes we’ve already met (alternative graphemes). This week we’ll find new ways to write /igh/ 

Learn and practise these by ...

Espresso, in the Literacy section Phase 5 Ash’s phonics Video 1 ie and 2 i-e watch the video and complete the associated Ash’s challenge (reading and spelling activities). 

Revise the high frequency words we’ve learnt so far; the, and, a, to, said, in, he, I, of, it, was, you, they, on, she, is, for, at, his, but, that, with, all, we, can. 

Can you read all the following tricky words on sight?


(images from Twinkl)



Together watch  ‘While We Cant Hug’ and think about different ways we can show our love to our friends and family; write a list and perhaps try some of your ideas. 



Click here to watch this video to remind you how to form your letters using a cursive font.

You can then practise your handwriting using or find some high frequency word worksheets to print on

Focus on c, o, a, d, g, and q. 



Set some time aside each day to read: please read at least one book on Bug Club. Remember to complete all of the ‘Bug’ activities within your Bug Club books to complete each book. New books will be set by your teachers. 



KIRF (key instant recall facts); encourage your child to recount numbers everyday - count in 2s to 20 

This week on White Rose Maths, we are looking at a range of mathematical activities based on ‘Snail and the Whale’ story  (Summer 2 Week 1)


Topic - Digi-maps for schools

As part of Geography across the school we have access to the 'Digimaps for schools' website

username: DE139NR

password: This will be sent to you via text

Have a go at completing this activity. It will link to the map you can draw as part of your maths this week too!


Physical Activity

PE with Joe Wicks online at 9am- The Body Coach

Fit in 5 (Sky)

Cosmic Kids on You Tube. 5 a day fitness 

Go for a walk or bike ride around your local area.