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Useful websites and home learning

In light of the current situation faced by families across the country we have put together a page of useful 

links that parents and children may want to use to continue the learning at home. 

If you need any help with passwords or access then please email us on:

We will endeavour to try to help and try to respond as soon as possible.  Please appreciate that we may not be able to help with all issues remotely.  

The year group pages (on the left) will contain specific activities for each year group to complete at home during any closures.

Please supervise your children whilst they are on these sites.  Richard Wakefield does not accept responsibility for the content, adverts or links that may be within these sites.

General sites

Site name
Click here for the link
BBC Bitesize

KS2 - BBC Bitesize

Launched 20th April 2020

You can now access a daily timetable of lessons via the Bitesize site.  Select your child's year group and you will be shown a weeks worth of lessons.  Your child should follow the sequence of learning.

Gov site

Oak National Academy

Oak National Academy

This site is being launched on 20th April

This will provide daily lessons - we will provide further information once we have it.


Twinkl are offering parents access to their resources whilst the children are learning from home.


This site contains lots of activities that your child can do at home, including puzzles and projects. 

Please stick to this terms topics to avoid your child repeating activities later in the year.


This site offers lots of interactive games for lots of different topics.

There are hundreds of activities to keep little minds busy!



 This site allows you to complete one set of questions each day for free.

This site has some general packs to print out and use at home.
Premier League Primary Stars 

On their home learning page you will find some PE activities as well as activities linked to English and Maths

PlanBee are offering online learning sessions for children to take part in at home.  They are still putting together a program; parents can sign up now to see what is on offer.

Nessy |

Nessy is offering free resources and support via their YouTube channel.

They are specialsts in supporting children with Dyslexia.


Hamilton's Resources - Teaching Resources - TES

This site has some general packs to print out and use at home for every year group.



Site name
Click here for the link


Gareth Metcalfe

Gareth Metcalfe will be posting lesson videos each morning.  He is a maths specialist who supports schools and teachers in delivering maths mastery activities.

There is a link at the bottom of his page with help for parents.


Nrich provides maths games and problems.  This link takes you to a page where they have adapted their games to be played with two people.

You can also find links to puzzles and problems here.

White Rose

This is the maths scheme we follow.  They are providing daily powerpoints and activities.  For maths, we work at the pace of our class so we are not all in sync with the lessons on offer. Our mixed age classes follow a different long term plan so again, we are not in sync.  Your child may enjoy these lessons as a recap; equally parents may be interested in seeing how our maths lessons are delivered.
Maths Factor

The Maths Factor : Homepage - make Carol Vorderman your child's ...

All parents are now being granted free access to Carol Vorderman's maths site.




Site name
Click here for the link
Oxford Owl online reading scheme

This site offers free access to a further range of banded reading books.  


This site is offering parents free access to their games whilst children are unable to go to school.  You can select your childs phase and the letter sounds they are working on.

KS2 children have been directed to using this site for their English activities.  It actually has an image and activities for every single day in a year!
A Starter for ten

This site has images to select: this will open a PPDF.  This then has inference comprehension questions and a story starter.

The site runs a daily writing competition.  Have a go and enter. Email us and let us know how you get on.

EAL learning Hub

The Hub has some fantastic resources for all children.  They are adding a video a week for the children to watch; answer some questions; then complete a writing activity.

They also have downloadable home learning packs.  The snapshot mats are perfect for English at home.

National Literacy Trust

Free access to wealth of resources to use at home, all organised by age range.



Site name
Click here for the link



Explorify logo

The site has high quality videos and other resources.

Each week they are providing a different collection of activities based on a theme which links to the BBC bitesize offering.


Keeping fit

Site name
Click here for the link

Children can keep fit whilst learning.  All of the songs are linked to English and Maths topics for Key Stages 1 & 2.

Joe Wicks workouts

(via YouTube or Facebook)

Joe Wicks will be posting daily workouts via his YouTube channel and social media pages.
PE planning

email for free home activities

A Chance to shine

Cricket activities

This site has videos demonstrating cricket skills that everyone can access at home.


Site name
Click here for the link
BBC Bitesize

This section has a range of Art activities that your child can explore.

Click here for the KS1 link

Click here for the KS2 link


Site name
Click here for the link

This is a free site through which your child can continue their study of Spanish.  It is also available as an app for most smartphones and tablets.


Site name
Click here for the link

ThinkUKnow - Wikipedia

Download these 15 minute activities for you and your child to complete at home. There are different packs for each age group.

Fun things do see and do!

Site name
Click here for the link

Holiday pirates



This site provides links to 13 zoos that offer live streams.


Holiday pirates

Museum tours

You can take virtual tours of these 10 awesome museums from your living room.
National Geographic for kids

This site has lots of fun fact, games and quizzes for children of all ages.