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Year 5 and 6 home learning

During the time that your child may be away from school we will keep this page updated with learning activities for you and your child at home.  These activities will reflect the same objectives that will be delivered to the children attending school.

If you or your child would like any further activities then you can use the link on our useful websites and home learning page here.

If you need any help with passwords or access then please email us on:

We will endeavour to try to help and try to respond as soon as possible.  Please appreciate that we may not be able to help with all issues remotely.  

Week beginning 1st June 2020


Set some time aside each day to read: this could be a Bug Club reading book or a book/magazine/online reading from home.  

Your teachers are checking your Bug Club books and responding to all of your typed answers - look out for our comments. have now made all of their children's titles free during this pandemic - explore the titles on offer to try something new.

We have sent home an activity sheet (see below) of follow up activities that your child could complete.


This week we will be using BBC bitesize to teach our English lessons. Please open BBC bitesize using the link below and click on your child’s correct year group. A lesson will appear each day (use the date for guidance) There will be a video to watch (sometimes more than 1) and there will be a few activities to complete.

Here is an overview of what the children will be learning this week;

Year 5

  • Monday - Antonyms and synonyms
  • Tuesday - character development and semi-colons
  • Wednesday - Settings and subordinate conjunctions
  • Thursday - Using fronted adverbials
  • Friday - Planning and writing a story

Year 6

  • Monday - Punctuation recap - complete the booklet from  the files below
  • Tuesday - Figurative language - complete the activities from the files below
  • Wednesday - Watch this clip: -
    Moroccan market clip.  Create a mind map of ideas for a description focusing on the senses.
  • Thursday - Plan your description of the trip through the Medina
  • Friday - Write your description

You can also access Pobble activities: these provide children the opportunity to create their own stories, develop their inference skills or improve some sentences.  There is a new image every day (or you can look for one that you like!)


Each day we recommend some time on TTRockstars 

Choose a day from Myminimaths to practise your maths skills,  there are some videos to help you.

Complete one lesson per day using the White Rose Maths Home Learning Y5 or Y6 lessons. Please note that the activity sheets are no longer available on the White Rose website so we have uploaded them to this website. You can find them by scrolling to the very bottom of this page.  

Year 5

  • Monday - Multiply unit and non-unit fractions by an integer
  • Tuesday - Multiply mixed numbers by an integer
  • Wednesday - Fraction of an amount
  • Thursday - Using fractions as operators
  • Friday - Challenge of the week

Here is the link to White Rose maths

Year 6

These lessons are based upon a recap of the work completed so far.  The sheets are all available in the files at the bottom of the page.

  • Monday - Recap on long multiplication
  • Tuesday - Multiplication reasoning
  • Wednesday - Square and cubed numbers
  • Thursday - Recap on division
  • Friday - Word problems

You could also join in with Gareth Metcalfe's 'I see maths' lesson every day at 11.00am.  You can catch up on the previous lesson if you enjoy them.  Click here



This half term we will be focusing on Rainforests.

Your activities for this week:

  • Read through the powerpoint and fact sheets.  Create a mindmap of the things that you have found out.
  • Watch the following clips to find out about the features of a rainforest:
    Create an illustration of a rainforest, label each of the layers/parts.
  • Find out about deforestation: what is it?  why is it happening?  Find a way to teach your findings to someone else, you could create a leaflet, fact file or even film a news report.
  • Plan and write a persuasive speech about deforestation.




  1. Download: Reading_Journal_activities.pdf
  2. Download: Y5 Lesson 1 - Multiply unit and non-unit fractions by integers.pdf
  3. Download: Y5 Lesson 1 Answers - Multiply unit and non-unit fractions by integers.pdf
  4. Download: Y5 Lesson 2 - Multiply mixed numbers by integers 2019.pdf
  5. Download: Y5 Lesson 2 Answers - Multiply mixed numbers by integers 2019.pdf
  6. Download: Y5 Lesson 3 - Fractions of an amount 2019.pdf
  7. Download: Y5 Lesson 3 Answers - Fractions of an amount 2019.pdf
  8. Download: Y5 Lesson 4 - Fractions as operators 2019.pdf
  9. Download: Y5 Lesson 4 Answers - Fractions as operators 2019.pdf
  10. Download: Y6 Monday Punctuation Booklet.doc
  11. Download: Y6 Tuesday Figurative Language Game.pptx
  12. Download: Y6 Tuesday Figurative Language Powerpoint.pptx
  13. Download: Y6 Tuesday Figurative_Language Worksheet.doc
  14. Download: Y6 Lesson 1 Long Multi Extra.pdf
  15. Download: Y6 Lesson 1 Word-Problems-Long-Multiplication.docx
  16. Download: Y6 Lesson 1Missing-number-x.pdf
  17. Download: Y6 Lesson 2 Mastery Multiplication.docx
  18. Download: Y6 Lesson 2 Reasoning Multiplication.pdf
  19. Download: Y6 Lesson 3 Square Number Investigation.pdf
  20. Download: Y6 Lesson 3 Recognise-and-use-square-numbers-and-cube-numbers--and-the-notation-for-squared-(-)-and-cubed-(-)1.docx
  21. Download: Y6 Lesson 4Long Division Practice.pdf
  22. Download: Y6 Lesson 4 Word-Problems-Long-Division.docx
  23. Download: Y6 Lesson 5 4 operations word problems.docx
  24. Download: Topic Lesson 1 factsheet-children.pdf
  25. Download: Topic Lesson 1 Introduction PP.pptx
  26. Download: Topic Lesson 1 example rainforestmindmap.pdf
  27. Download: Topic Lesson 2 which layer.doc
  28. Download: Topic Lesson 2 which layer2.doc
  29. Download: Topic Lesson 2 layers.ppt
  30. Download: Topic Persuasive Features in speeches.ppt
  31. Download: Topic Planning frame.doc
  32. Download: Topic extract 1 speech example.doc