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Year 6 Links to learning

Following many requests from Year 6 children we have set up a page to help direct the children to useful learning aids for their SATs revision.

Follow the links below.  If you need a password to one of the sites we subscribe to you will need to ask your class teacher or Mrs Lowe.


Education City

To log into the site you need:

Full name: FredSmith

animal password




animal password



Utimate Maths Support

Parents: This site has links to the open YouTube page.  Your child could click onto different videos if unsupervised.

Select the area you wish to revise.  This will show you past SATs questions with links to a YouTube video that explains how to complete the question if you are stuck.


Key Stage 2 Bitesize (BBC)

This site has been recently updated.  Use the links on this menu page to navigate to the subject you would like to work on.


Gordons Maths                                                                                          

This page links to all of the Gordons activities that your teachers use.

I know that a few of you would like to use these activities at home.